Democrats Have a Great Story to Tell Voters in the 2022 Elections

Democrats will have a great story to tell voters as they go to the ballot box in 2022.

Since President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took office, they and the Democrats in Congress have largely been the ones, starting with the American Rescue Plan, that supported en masse:

  • COVID vaccinations.
  • Sending checks to the American People.
  • A Child Tax Credit.
  • Aid to schools.
  • Aid to local governments.
  • A bipartisan infrastructure deal that Donald Trump could not get through.
  • The first gun control legislation in 30 years.
  • Protecting Democracy, access to the ballot, and the integrity of elections.
  • Codifying Roe v Wade, same-sex marriage, and the right to purchase contraceptives.
  • The CHIPS Act, which will harness the domestic semiconductor industry and make vital investments in the sciences.
  • Protecting veterans and law enforcement through measures such as The Pact Act.
  • Investments in Green Sustainability and a Prescription Drug Benefit through the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Reducing the budget deficit and fighting inflation.
  • Appointing the first black woman (Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson ) to the United States Supreme Court and selecting many qualified jurists for the federal bench.
  • Expanding N.A.T.O.
  • Supporting Ukraine against Russia, sending the statement that Democracies will not back down from autocratic expansionist aggression.
  • Withdrawing from Afghanistan while still maintaining the capability of eliminating major terrorist threats.

The Lincoln Project encapsulated some of these accomplishments in some recent digital ads titled “Working for America” and “Getting Sh*t Done.”

Both ads point out that it is President Biden and the Democrats who took over the national government during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic and launched programs to pull the country out of the abyss and also make investments to move the country forward and lift people up while most Republicans whined like angry reactionary babies and opposed virtually all Democratic proposals.

The “Getting Sh*t Done” ad concludes with the short message all voters should consider when going to the polls this November: “What do you want: anger or results? President Joe Biden: Working for America.”

The legislation Biden/Harris Administration and the Democrats in Congress have secured may not all have the same magnitude in historical significance as the New Deal or Great Society/War on Poverty Programs of the FDR and LBJ Administrations but it does demonstrate that good government is possible when serious-minded public servants are at the helm.

Also do not forget, job creation is up and gas prices are going down.

As fellow Blog for Arizona journalist Larry Bodine wrote in the title of a recent article “This is what winning looks like.”

This brings us to the “public servants” whose only interest is moving the country backward or lifting only the very wealthy up.

What are the horror and dystopian Republican stories they are going to take to the voters?

  • Young girls and women do not have the right to choose and terminate a pregnancy if they were raped or their health was threatened.
  • Women should remain in marriages where their spouse is violent.
  • You can’t marry who you love if you are a gay and, maybe, a biracial couple.
  • Access to the ballot will be compromised.
  • The science is wrong on the environment and COVID 19.
  • Books should be banned and history teachers should not teach about all the bad things the white people did.
  • People do not need to pay affordable prices for prescription drugs like insulin.
  • China can have dominance in the semiconductor industry.
  • The rich should not have to pay their fair share in taxes.
  • Veterans should just have to suck it up from the diseases they are suffering from fighting in wars Republicans helped send them to.
  • Religious and white nationalist schools can use taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate students and scam the American People.
  • Donald Trump should be able to keep top secret records about the nation’s nuclear capability.
  • The F.B.I. should be broken up.

When voters go to the polls this November, there is a simple choice.

Do they choose the candidates and the political party that represents sane values that will protect freedom, lift people up and move the country forward?


Do they choose the candidates and the Trumpist political party that espouses radical, dangerous, craziness and will suppress personal liberties, stamp people down, and moves the country to a dystopian-autocratic reality?

Which story do you want to hear?

Even if conditions in the country start to regress, which candidates would you trust to steer the ship of state?

The choice should not be that difficult 86 days from now on November 8, 2022.

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