Will the Pandemic kill off right-wing populism in Western Europe?

A Webinar by Tucson Great Decisions Association

Paulette Kurzer is a Professor at the University of Arizona. She is Director the of International Security Studies Program, and an expert in European politics.

Virtually all (West) European countries possess a right-wing populist party, defined as a political group that claims to represent the people against the elite and espouses nationalist, anti-immigration, and anti-EU rhetoric. The first part of the talk will explore the reasons that have contributed to the rise of right-wing populism. The second part will examine the impact of the pandemic on populist parties in W. Europe. Special attention will be given to recent elections and how to interpret the electoral results in several countries for understanding the future of right-wing populism.

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Dr. Paulette Kurzer, PhD, Rutgers, is a Professor of Political Science and writes extensively on European politics and the EU. She has published widely on the impact of European integration on domestic policy outcomes and has focused specifically on the smaller EU member states. She teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in political science, and she is the Director of the online M.A. program in International Security Studies.

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