The importance of everyone answering the 2020 census questionnaire is unquestionable for all of us as residents, not just citizens.  What determines how much of our federal tax dollars come back to the individual states for education, health care, security, environment, and economy is determined by the once every 10-year count.

It is an easy process done mostly online.  If you don’t have a computer at home, the public library can help.  We need all of us to answer the questions do make sure Arizona gets its fair share of Federal Tax Dollars.

During this difficult period of the novel coronavirus, the Census Department is just as concerned as you are about personal contact.  Only 5% of residents who don’t have a mailbox address will be contacted personally to fill out a paper questionnaire.

Below is the link to the US Census Bureau for questions and concerns you might have.

Your DGT wants you to be informed and safe.