Dems Must Flip the Legislature, says LD10’s Stephanie Stahl Hamilton in Senate Run

“We cannot begin to enact laws that are going to protect our state waterways and art clean up our forests and address climate change unless we flip at least one chamber in our legislature and grab the governor’s seat,” declared Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, speaking at the September 13, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

Hamilton was elected State Representative from LD10 in 2020, and today she is running for the State Senate seat in LD10, formerly occupied by Kirsten Engel. Hamilton is:

  • One of the most progressive legislators in Arizona, according to Progress Arizona.
  • The Regional Lead for Save Our Schools working to successfully defeat the 2017 school voucher expansion.
  • An ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church USA and is currently serving as Parish Associate at St. Mark’s.
  • A member of Tucson School District’s Family Life Curriculum Committee, dedicating hundreds of hours reviewing and revising the curriculum.

The Legislature has seen 21 years of Republican trifectas (a majority in the state Senate, House, plus the Governor). “All of the committees are stacked in such a way that the Republicans never need the Democrats’ votes on bills,” she said. “And if they don’t have their Republican votes, they don’t pursue those bills.  It just horrifies me that we have adults elected to office who act like bullies.”

Democrats can support Stephanie Stahl Hamilton by calling her at 520-623-1980 or emailing her at

But voters are abandoning the Republican party because of the Maricopa fraudit, repeated cuts to public education, undermining the right to vote, anti-abortion laws, and the Republicans’ embrace of conspiracy theories. “Those bills that are going to get in the way and are being used as a distraction to throw us off our game of flipping a chamber and getting the governor’s seat.

Hamilton said that when Democrats control the Legislature and Governor’s seat, she will fight for:

  • Protecting our water resources.
  • Action against climate change.
  • Funding public education fully.
  • Access to affordable healthcare.
  • Gun safety laws.
  • Affordable housing.
  • Protections for LGBTQ youth, especially trans kids.

“People do not realize the power that the state legislature has to shape our everyday lives,” she said. “What’s really troubling is that the most extreme members of the Republican caucus will withhold their votes on bills unless they get exactly what they want. They have figured out how to leverage their party they don’t need our votes.

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