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Democrats of Tucson Online presents Consuelo Hernandez, candidate for Pima County Supervisor, District 5. Consuelo is born and raised in Pima County. She has spent her entire life committed to making Pima County a better place to live.

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Topics of discussion:
* Challenges ahead for working families
* Rebuilding our local economy
* Leadership during Coronavirus

Consuelo believes that for Pima County residents to have better lives, they need an efficient and organized local government that helps them protect their families, keep their neighborhoods safe, and preserve their piece of the American Dream.

As the next District 5 Supervisor, Consuelo knows the importance of creating real economic opportunities and serving as a strong advocate for our seniors. During this time of crisis and as a Supervisor, she plans to use her education and, experience in global health to ensure proactive measures are taken for the people of Pima County during the time of COVID-19.

As a member of the Sunnyside School Board, Consuelo has been on the front line fighting to improve our schools, working to ensure better pay for our teachers and developing higher standards for our students. At the same time, Consuelo has spent her time on the board working to build consensus and achieve better results for our students, teachers, and families.