How to Vote for the Democratic Blue Ticket

President and VP: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

US Senate: Mark Kelly

US House of Representatives: Ann Kirkpatrick (CD2) and Raul Grijalva (CD3)

Propositions: Vote YES on all:

  • Prop 208  Invest in Education Act, which restores hundreds of millions of dollars annually to K-12 education. Pima County Democratic Party supports Proposition 208. VOTE YES. For more information click here:
  • Prop 207: An initiative relating to the Responsible Adult Use, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana. Tax revenues would go primarily to community colleges and public safety. VOTE YES. For more information click here: SEE: Chad Campbell on Vote “YES” on Prop. 207 to Legalize Marijuana
  • Prop 481: A “Yes” vote would increase the base factor that is used in the annual expenditure limitation calculation, which limits how much the College can spend on operations. Prop. 481 would not increase taxes but would increase the College’s flexibility to spend tax revenue it already collected directly on educational programs and services. VOTE YES. For more information click here:

State Corporation Commission: William “Bill” Mundell, Shea Stanfield and Anna Tovar

LD9: Sen. Victoria Steele and State Reps. Randy Friese and Pamela Powers Hannley

LD10: Kirsten Engel for state Senate, and Domingo DeGrazia and Stephanie Stahl Hamilton for State Representative

LD11: JoAnna Mendoza for State Senate and Dr. Felipe Perez for State Representative

LD3: Sally Ann Gonzales for State Senate plus Andrés Cano and Alma Hernandez for State Representative

LD2: Rosanna Gabaldón for State Senate, and incumbent Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr. for LD 2 House, and Andrea Dalessandro for LD 2 House

Pima County Supervisor:

  • District 1: Rex Scott
  • District 2: Matt Heinz
  • District 3: Sharon Bronson
  • District 4: Steve Diamond
  • District 5: Adelita Grijalva

Pima County

  • Assessor: Suzanne Droubie
  • Recorder: Gabriella Cazares-Kelly
  • Treasurer: Brian Bickel
  • Sheriff: Chris Nanos
  • Pima Community College Governing Board: Catherine “Cat” Ripley
  • Pima County Superintendent of Schools:  Dustin Williams (unopposed)
  • Pima County Attorney: Laura Conover (unopposed)


Although the Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review rated current judges as meeting standards for retention, Civic Engagement Beyond Voting (CEBV) rated the following judges as not retainable and recommended voting “No”

AZ Supreme Court:

  • Justice Robert Brutinel – NO
  • Justice Andrew Gould – NO
  • Justice John Lopez IV — NO

Court of Appeals, Circuit 2 – Sean Brearcliffe – NO
Pima County Superior Court – Paul Tang – NO

To see CEBV’s complete spreadsheet on judges, click here:

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