Alison Jones, the Chair of the Pima County Democratic Party, talked with Larry Bodine to describe her new strategy to turn Arizona Blue in 2020.

Jones, elected as the Pima County Democratic Party Chair in 2018, outlined a new strategy to elect Democrats to support legislative districts financially. The county party will devote its three social media experts to pursue online campaigns and create talk-show style interviews with candidates — now that the pandemic has eliminated face-to-face campaigning.

Bodine is a PC in LD18, a national convention delegate and president of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

Pima County faces challenges like redistricting — which may add a new congressional district to Arizona — and completing the census. The gutting of the US Post Office threatens mail-in voting, and Jones urged voters to return their ballots immediately after getting them.

The county party has 30 dedicated volunteers who answer calls and help voters. This is the most important election in my lifetime, and Jones called on people to call (520) 326-3716 and visit the party website at, or send an email to

“I am committing that Pima County will provide Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with the margin that they need to win Arizona’s 11 electoral votes,” she says. “Pima County is where this election is going to be won for Democrats. We know the work we have to do. Now we just have to do it.