Catherine Ripley, who is a candidate for Pima County Community College (PCC) Governing Board, spoke about educational priorities at the Sept. 21, 2020 meeting of the Democrats of Greater Tucson.

She is an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at PCC, and also a former Naval Officer, US Diplomat, and business executive. Further information is online at

Among the problems at PCC that she addressed is the drop in enrollment from 70,000 students to 22,000 students. She asserts that the college does little followup and poor tracking to help students get into school and stay in school. She said 55% of students are Latinos and DACA students, and 50% are women.

Ripley pointed out that state funding for PCC has been zeroed out, which has a crippling effect on the school. She also notes that the school is “unbundling the role of teachers,” which is code for privatizing online classes. Even though “unbundling” has been underway for a year, at the recent Governing Board meeting, two members were completely surprised to find out about it. Ripley said she will work for greater transparency and activities by the school chancellor.

She supports Prop. 208, Invest in Ed and Prop. 207, legalizing marijuana. Both propositions would generate more funding for PCC.