Use Request to Speak to Stop Dangerous Bills in the State Legislature

By Deb Bonjouklian.

This is your Request to Speak (RTS) “Cheat Sheet” for the week of February 1st, 2021.

Melinda Iyer, editor, Editor of AZ Legislature Weekly Update
Melinda Iyer, Editor of AZ Legislature Weekly Update

Bills that are in committees of the state Legislature can be commented on via Request To Speak.  The time period to make your RTS is from the moment a bill is assigned to an Agenda plus five days before it actually is heard in Committee.  

February 1st is the deadline for new bills to be introduced in the  Senate. Next Monday, February 8th is the deadline for bills introduced in the House. 

Below is a list of this week’s bills that have been highlighted in the Citizen Engagement Beyond Voting (CEBV) Legislature Weekly. As Melinda Iyer explained, these are bills that Democrats should reject or support. Sign up for her weekly report at

Gun Safety Bills

Give a THUMBS UP to the following bills:

HB2448 – Support – Requires a 3-day waiting period for firearm purchases
HB2582 –  Support – Safe gun storage bill
HB2583 – Support – Provides a process to remove guns from domestic abusers
SB1382  – Oppose — Would codify into law that retailers of firearms and ammunition are “essential businesses” and prohibit the Governor from closing these stores during a state of emergency (introduced by Qanon crazy Wendy Rogers (R-LD6)

Voting Rights

HB2722 – Oppose – The measure from Rep. Shawna Bolick, R-Phoenix, would only allow emergency voting/in times of war, civil unrest, or a natural disaster. The House Bill would also allow voters to videotape and photograph election workers inside polling places, something that is expressly forbidden in current law.

1003 – Oppose – Limit ballot curing.

1068 – Oppose – Curtail Secretary of State’s elections-based rulemaking process. 

1358 – Oppose – Restrict voter registration drives 

1358 – Oppose – Restrict voter registration drives

1240 – Oppose – Increase the time and energy to sort ballots

1020 – Oppose – Restrict county recorders from determining polling places

1010 – Oppose – Recount of votes ok if you have the money to pay

1069 – Oppose – Attack on PEVL – Purge over 100,000 names, and remove “permanent” from the name

1260 – Oppose – Increase ballot descriptions to 200 words

2098 – Support – Schools required to submit missing child reports to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Tuesday, February 2, 2021  

1331 – Oppose – Exempt income from military pensions from state income  tax 

1376 – Support – Requires health education to include a mental health  component 

1452 – Oppose – Expand ESA and “backpack funding” 

2125 – Support – PreK-4 students suspended or expelled only if engaged  in dangerous conduct (weapons, drugs, health or safety) on school  grounds 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021  

1108 – Oppose – Cuts property taxes that fund public schools
1260 – Oppose – Exempts disabled veterans from state property taxes, contingent on voter approval of SCR1019 (same language)
1273 – Oppose – Expand the use of school tuition organizations tax credit vouchers
1019 – Oppose – See 1260
2215 – Support – $35 Million to Hopi for the repair of Route H60
2228 – Support – Allot $900,000 to repair Ganado School Loop Road in Northeastern Arizona
2261 – Support – Reforms for incarcerated women
2365 – Oppose – Vehicles in the left lane must not go below the speed limit
2366 – Oppose – Increases the criminal speeding threshold from 85 to 90
2395 – Support – Makes it illegal to park such that a vehicle blocks the sidewalk
2737 – Oppose – Negatively affects the authority of the Arizona Corporation Committee

Thursday – February 4th, 2021  

1381 – Oppose – Ban on abortion 

1382 – Oppose – Redefine firearms and ammunition stores as “essential  businesses” 

1457 – Oppose – Abortion rules:  

      -Make it a class 3 felony to terminate a genetically abnormal fetus 

      -Allow sperm donor and his parents, to sue for damages if an abortion occurs 

      -Abortion remains must be buried or cremated

      -Ban abortion-inducing drugs via “courier, delivery or mail” 

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