The numbers are looking pretty good for Democrats in Arizona. The party’s Senate candidate is up more than five points in polling averages, and Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by more than three points in the same averages. If those numbers hold, the state could hand Democrats the Senate and Biden the White House in one fell swoop.

This article by Tom McCarthy is excerpted from The Guardian newspaper.

But a key Democratic organizer in the state can’t say whether he thinks the numbers will hold – because he does not believe the numbers exist in the first place.

“I would say the polls are a mirage,” said Larry Bodine, president of the Democrats of Greater Tucson group. “After 2016, I decided from then on, I was just not going to rely on what the polls had to say, and instead rely on what my fellow Democratic volunteers encounter out in the field.”

Inside Democratic party offices from coast to coast, and under a good number of roofs where anti-Trump voters dwell, polling results that show promise for Biden and down-ticket Democrats are being handled with a similar mix of arms-length trepidation and not-today-Satan refusal. Feeling they were misled by polling to believe that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in in 2016, only to be ambushed by Trump’s win, many progressives in 2020 vow that they’re done with the numbers game.

“I’m really active in Democratic circles and pretty much nobody talks about the polls,” said Bodine. “I believe that all the positive polls do is give a false sense of security.”

“Democrats should not take anything for granted, and my advice for them is to call up their local Democratic party and get active,” he said. “Stop yelling at the TV, stop complaining about what they see on the news and get out there and do something about it.”

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