“People are dying, tens of thousands of people are out of work—he’s embarrassing,” is not only the quote of the year from former Hillary Clinton senior adviser Philippe Reines, but also sums up how he, Rick Wilson, Molly Jong-Fast, and Lincoln Project co-founder Mike Madrid feel about Donald Trump’s dwindling support among his own base.

To make matters worse for the president, he is set to debate Joe Biden for the first time Tuesday night, and he doesn’t have that same 2016 anger and energy he drummed up to defeat Hillary Clinton.

In this new members-only bonus episode of The New Abnormal, Rick, Molly, Philippe and Mike discuss what Joe Biden should say, word for word, when he gets on that stage with Trump and the one thing that could sink the president without Joe’s help.

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Two words: no crowds.

“That is where Trump is at his worst,” says Mike. “Without that, he’s going to be like a goat in the wilderness.”

There’s also the whole painting-Biden-as-senile by the Trump campaign thing, and it just won’t work, Mike says.

“They’ve tried to convince people that he’s senile and will drool on people while at the same time trying to convince people he’s some mastermind of the left that’s going to being about socialism.”

It is quite ironic.

“If one of those guys is more likely to keel over Tuesday night on stage, it’s not Joe Biden,” adds Philippe.

Then, the group switches gears to talk about Trump losing support among a few of his core voter demographics: senior citizens and non-college educated men. (“COVID has broken the Trump fever,” says Mike.)

Plus! Rick gives a dramatic reading of one of Trump’s rally quotes and it’s just as bogus as you’d expect. And the group discusses that awkward moment when the crowd booed Trump at Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s funeral: “This is the only time he’s worn his mask when we desperately needed to see his face.”

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