“Do it!” says Nathan Bacall to Democrats thinking about campaigning actively. Nathan is a precinct committeeman, First VP of LD9 Democrats, and member of the LD9 Communications Team. “What do you think about phone banking? Or non-contact literature drops? This is a big thing I see happening now. I’ve always found that the LDs are very welcoming. Starting out as a volunteer will lead to more opportunities, just like it did for me.”

Today, Nathan is the re-election campaign manager for Dustin Williams, the Superintendent of Pima County Schools. In fact, it was at an LD 9meeting that Nathan met Dustin. “You had to be at the right place at the right time. And to get to those points you should always say ‘yes.'”

This video originally appeared on the LD9 Democrats website.

He first voted in 2012 for Barack Obama and Congressman Ron Barber, “and that was very cool.” In 2014 he saw Fred Duvall, candidate for Arizona Governor, in a debate and it launched Nathan’s volunteering to elect Democrats. In his day job, Nathan is an Enrollment Counselor for the University of Arizona’s Online Campus.

He was inspired by his grandfather, Martin Bacall, the legendary and much-loved Corresponding Secretary of the Pima County Democratic Party. “There has more that I can do besides voting,” Nathan says. He started as an appointed precinct committee and then he ran successfully in 2018 for the first Vice-Chair position in LD9.

Nathan was also the campaign manager for CD2 Congressional candidate Bruce Wheeler. The thing he enjoys most about campaigning is winning (of course!) But he also enjoys talking to and educating people about the issues, the positions that candidates take, and asking voters about their concerns. “I always would recommend, if someone was on the fence about volunteering, to go ahead and DO IT.”