When I ran two nonprofit organizations, the grantmakers from the government, foundation, and corporate sectors wanted numerical proof of successful goals. But there are no metrics for some things. Not all economic concepts can be quantified with numerical values.

What technology can engineers use to compute the character of our society, the heartbeat of our culture, and how to heal it?

This much we know: Some things cannot be measured by tests. To discern character, goodness, creativity, courage, compassion, leadership, curiosity, motivation, persistence, self-discipline, resilience, and critical thinking – the glories of art and thought – these benchmarks of a great society cannot be quantified.

I’ve lost too much of my faith thrashing about in the daily repetition of debunked lies, fearmongering, obstruction of justice and battering of our peace.

Anyone else tired of fighting?

  • Of watching our society splinter and fragment.
  • Of draining resources with little to show as return on the investment of our taxes, our blood, sweat, and tears?
  • Of price-gouging profiteers in pharmaceuticals and healthcare?
  • Of chaos in the White House while the pandemic death rate expands?
  • Of the end of environmental safeguards.
  • Of the collapse of public education?
  • Of trade wars with China, Canada, and Mexico?
  • Of foreign interference in elections and home-grown terrorists?
  • Of children in cages and prisons for profit?
  • Of secret-police brutality?
  • Of ballooning national debt and inflation? Of watching another generation emerge unable to get a leg up?

Our nation has waged war in one form or another around the world for as long as my son and daughter have been alive. The stock market has spiked for the wealthiest 10 percent who own 92 percent of it, doped by a trillion-dollar tax gift. Meanwhile, science tells us there is no avoiding the destruction of this planet if we fail to address climate change. And master scientist E.O. Wilson tells us the No. 1 threat to plant and animal life on this planet is the loss of habitat. That includes the human habitat.

Basta! Enough!

Major issues require working together. Instead, we’re wasting priceless time, untold money, and exhausting energy better spent uniting us at the eleventh-hour of Democracy. This country is wading deep and perilously close to drowning in the waters of economic and environmental genocide. Ancient philosopher Lao Tzu said, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

The wars we wage abroad – and today at home — generate short-term gains for the few, while peace offers long-term profit that few seem to grasp.

Isn’t it time we woke up the holy spirit within us? That begins with bipartisan resolve to join hands and bring our talents to the forefront, to engage our human potential, the greatest resource on Earth, the human resource.

It isn’t easy to champion that which we cannot measure, but that is the price of peace, worth noting as the ultimate long-term return on investment. Worth pursuing once again as the American Dream, united, as in the United States.