Survey Results: How Most People First Heard About DGT

Just over 100 people responded to DGT’s January survey “How did you first hear about DGT?” Far and away the top answer was that someone they knew told them about Democrats of Greater Tucson.

Bottom line: please keep talking about DGT!

How did you hear about Democrats of Greater Tucson?
Answer Choices Response Percent Responses
Someone I know told me about DGT 55.24% 58
Heard about it at a Democratic Party/Legislative District meeting 15.24% 16
Got an email or newsletter from DGT 8.57% 9
Visited the website at 6.67% 7
Saw DGT in a listing of events 3.81% 4
Facebook 3.81% 4
Read an article mentioning DGT 2.86% 3
Listening to the John C Scott political form on KVOI radio 1030 AM 1.90% 2
Found a brochure about DGT 1.90% 2
Twitter 0.00% 0
YouTube 0.00% 0

People taking the survey were free to leave a comment for DGT.

Individual responses:

Absolutely loved the get-together
Always informative speakers and time to ask questions
Are here for the winter and wanted to see what’s happening here.
Disappointed at members recalling Sinema at the Chinese restaurant; hope DGT can help find a good replacement for her in 2026.
Donna Branch-Gilby told me about it in 2003
Excellent speakers. A wonderful way to hear candidates and learn about issues important to city and state.
Found out from Larry Bodine at OLLI class
From a friend in water aerobics
From Blog For Arizona.
Glad you’ve gone online for now, much safer for us elderly Dems
Great communication and so many opportunities to meet candidates and officeholders
Great job you do with helping us know about the candidates for local and statewide offices. A great help in voting!
Great org–appreciate the archiving of programs for viewing later.
Have been a member for several years now
Have been part of it for many years.
Heard about it at an OLLI class
Heard that the topic of affordable housing was being discussed and decided to listen in.
I am on Susan Bickel’s mailing list. But I don’t really understand the difference between the group (LD9) and yours.
I have been a member of DGT for years.
I have known about DGT for at least 13 years. Great organization that fulfills a vital role in Democratic politics in Pima County.
I love drinking responsibly
I think somebody posted a link to a speaker presentation, or maybe it was a debate. Something you guys had.
I think your Monday speaker sessions are excellent. Most informative. I’m sorry when I have to miss one. Thanks much.
I used to attend the lunches at the Chinese restaurant. Wasn’t that DGT?
I’ve been a member for >20 years
Keep working!
Knew about DGT in the mid-70s. Didn’t join until the turn of the century.
Larry Bodine from an OLLI class he led
Martin Bacall told me about DGT many years ago.
My parents were members
Need to be better advertised and get the word out, especially on the topics of 1) redistricting map; 2) voter registration outreach and deadlines and 3) of course, hear from all the candidates
None of the below. I have been associated with the Democrat Party for decades in Wisconsin, Montana, Texas, and Arizona.
Thanks for all the work you do to schedule speaker
Thanks for what y’all do!
Thanks for your efforts.

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