Supervisor Rex Scott Targets Gun Pre-emption Law

Pima County Supervisor Rex Scott, representing District 1,  addressed critical topics in his talk to Democrats of Greater Tucson on August 23, 2022. Rex, a Democrat, was elected to represent District One in Tucson in 2020.

Gun violence.

Supervisor Scott is leading a challenge to the state law pre-empting local control of firearms. Taking a bold step for public safety, he led the Pima Supervisors to call for repealing a prohibition against local governments protecting their citizens from gun violence. If the “guns everywhere” law isn’t revoked, the County will ask a court to have it declared unconstitutional.

The pre-emption statues, spread nationwide by the NRA, have nullified efforts by the Supervisors to require background checks at the gun show – which is held on county property – and to enact local red flag law for guns. Scott said he is working with an attorney who is a former legislator to challenge the pre-emption law in court. Click here for more information.

Pima County Attorney Laura Conover

“Please tell the County Attorney (Laura Conover) to leave no stone unturned,” to overturn the gun pre-emption law, Scott urged. Conover can be reached at (520) 724-5600, and on Twitter at @Conover17L.

Vote centers. Scott said that vote centers have successfully replaced precinct voting, which relied on paper and is prone to human error. The Supervisors have ordered an after-elections report from the Pima Recorder.

Roads. The supervisors unanimously passed a measure to pave county roads in unincorporated Pima County (any road outside of Tucson or another city).

Redistricting. An all-Democratic Board of Supervisors is now possible. District 1 is now marginally favorable to Democrats, who have 1,500 more voters than Republicans. Before redistricting, it was solid republican. Scott said that District 4 can be flipped; ineffectual Republican Steve Christy now holds the seat.

Flooding. The supervisors contacted people whose houses are in the flood plain of the Finger Rock wash. Scott said the Flood Prtone Actuqisiton Program will be used to help homeowners move out and make them whole.

About Rex ScottIn 1991, Rex taught social studies at Flowing Wells Junior High School. In 2000, he began his 19-year career as an administrator in middle and high schools. During that time, he was an assistant principal at Ironwood Ridge High School and the principal at Tortolita Middle School.
Pima County Supervisor District 1

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