Democracy is on the Line in 2022, says Reginald Bolding for Secretary of State


“Right now in the world has enough politicians and we need more leaders, and right now in this moment, democracy, absolutely is on the line,” said Rep. Reginald Bolding, who is running for Secretary of State. He spoke at the September 20, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

“We absolutely need people that can provide confidence, not only to Democrats but to independents and Republicans.”

“Right now we have the largest Democratic caucus since 1966. There are 31 republicans in the house and 29 Democrats. So when I sit down and I negotiate with the government or sit down and negotiate with the speaker, I’m negotiating from a position of strength, Because we know that now is our time and now there’s an opportunity for us to flex that strengthen that muscle.”

“And that’s why 2022 is important but even beyond that, because we know we’ve been fighting for those goals,” he said.


“I’ve been able to pass more democratic bills than any other lawmaker in the state,” Bolding said, including a bill to issue a free state ID to homeless people, enabling them to participate in society.

To lower the danger when a person is stopped by the police, Bolding worked with the DMV and law enforcement, so that drivers and officers both know what the correct procedure is. Drivers should put their hands on the steering wheel, and turn on the interior light if it’s dark.

YouTube video subject points. Video editing by Anne Simmons.

00:00:05 – Presentation by Rep. Reginald Bolding
00:15:49 – Q&A – How does your campaign plan to appeal to the older voting demographic?
00:17:18 – Q&A – How can people support your campaign for Secretary of State?
00:21:05 – Q&A – Will you plan on using anti-Trump messaging during your campaign, given the Republican candidate is a strong Trump supporter?
00:25:05 – Q&A – Do you think the current Maricopa voter fraud audit will carry any credibility with voters?
00:28:45 – Q&A – Do you currently have any Democratic primary opponents in the Secretary of State race?
00:29:34 – Q&A -What should one do if stopped by the police?
00:31:46 – Q&A – Who is running for your seat in the State House?
00:34:40 – Q&A – What should one do if they are a passenger in a car stopped by police?
00:36:18 – Q&A – Are you running a Clean Elections campaign, and if not, how much money do you expect you’ll need to fundraise for your run for Secretary of State?
00:38:19 – Q&A – Do you believe that the voter suppression laws were enacted in AZ and across the country to pave way for Trump’s election success?
00:41:14 – Q&A – If elected, what would you plan to do differently than current Democratic Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs?
00:45:18 – Ways to contact Rep. Bolding

“So it’s about visibility and it’s about hands,” Bolding said.

Bolding registered more than 50,000 new voters in 2020, working as founder and co-executive director of the Arizona Coalition for Change (C4C) as well as Our Voice, Our Vote –  (OVOV). They are the largest Black-led voting rights and community engagement organizations in the state.

The groups filed suit before the 2020 election so that voters have 10 extra days to register. “35,000 people registered in those 10 days, and our election was decided by 10,000 votes for Joe Biden by a little over 10,000 votes. I’d like to believe that the work that we did played a role in the outcome that we saw in 2020,” he said.


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