State Rep. Daniel Hernandez for Congress in Tucson’s CD6

Daniel Hernandez is a state representative, former school board president, and lifelong Arizonan running for Congress in Tucson’s CD6. Taking office in 2017, Daniel was one of the youngest legislators elected and is a co-founder of the House LGBTQ caucus. He spoke at the May 2, 2022, meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

In the House, he has worked with both Republicans and Democrats to pass bills protecting survivors of sexual assault and to secure $20 million for school resource officers, counselors, and social workers. He also led the fight against legislation that would discriminate against LGBTQ Arizonans.

He fought to expand access to affordable health care, having struggled firsthand with a severe illness. During the pandemic, he saved a rural hospital that treats underserved communities in Southern Arizona.

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