In the announcements, two leaders of the Coalition for a National Infrastructure Bank, as set forth in House Bill 6422, said the bank will create 25 million jobs by rebuilding America’s aging infrastructure. The Infrastructure Bank is a non-partisan approach to restore America’s national economy. Alphecca Muttardy, an Economist with 25 years of experience at the International Monetary Fund, and attorney Anthony Martinez of Oro Valley, an active Democrat, both described how the bank will rebuild roads, rail, and broadband, and do it without any new federal spending. For more, see The National Infrastructure Bank, High-Speed Rail, and 25 Million New Jobs.

Kirsten Engel is running for election to the Arizona State Senate to represent District 10. She is currently a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, representing District 10. At DGT’s October 5, 2020 meeting, she spoke about improving unemployment benefits, enacting criminal justice reforms, and preventing evictions.

Kirsten is is a mother, an environmental lawyer, and an educator first elected to the Arizona State House in 2016. An advocate for K-12 schools and teachers, she supports affordable college tuition, clean energy, wise water policies, and a sustainable economic future. Kirsten has served as the ranking member of the House Energy, Environment and Natural Resources and Judiciary Committees. She lives in Tucson with her school-age daughter, husband, and two dogs just two houses from her parents.

As a two-term State Representative, Kirsten Engel has demonstrated her passionate commitment to an Arizona that works for everyone. Whether that’s valuing our public schools with competitive educator salaries and fully-funded classrooms, protecting our environment through clean energy and water conservation, or fighting to reduce our 4th-highest-in-the-nation incarceration rate, Kirsten has been standing up for our values. She has served as a leader in the Arizona House on clean air, water security, and building a bipartisan coalition to enact meaningful criminal justice reform.

At the end of her remarks she played a photo slideshow, Kirsten Engel for State Senate Thank You Slideshow