We need Circulators.

We have less than a month to collect the remaining signatures on our six different referenda.

We are currently at about 10% of our goal in Southern Arizona, and the rate of return is increasing dramatically. The number of signatures increased by 79% in this past week.

We need to recruit more circulators and create more tabling opportunities as quickly as possible. Please step up and help with this effort. Help put the three most egregious voter suppression bills, the three tax giveaways to the rich, and the initiative to make dark money transparent on the 2020 ballot. For details about the petitions, read Why You Should Sign All the Petitions

Save our democracy, our schools, and our state budget. This may be one of the most important campaigns you have ever worked on!

High Traffic Canvassing, Sundays 4-6 p.m.

The Pima County Democratic Party will be hosting canvassing events in “high traffic areas” to get signatures on our petitions.

Click here for the Mobilize Sign Up.

Details: Volunteers will arrive at the headquarters office (4639 E. First St., Tucson, AZ 85711) just before 4 pm and will sign in. There will be a short training on how to canvass in areas of high foot traffic that will start at 4 pm, with time at the end for questions. Volunteers will collect their packets and head out around 4:20 pm and should be on-site at their high foot traffic area by 4:40 pm. The trainer will check in with all volunteers via cellphone starting at 5 pm. Volunteers will wrap up their collecting by 6 pm. They can either return their packets to the office before 6:30, or they can bring their packets into the office later in the week.

Please click here to find additional opportunities for you to sign petitions and help collect signatures with The Arizona Ground Game (TAGG).

  • If you are interested in helping staff an event, please contact Marlene Bluestein, bluesteinmarlene21@gmail.com
  • If you know someone who would like to sign, but is homebound, just call and we’ll arrange for someone to come out with the petition set.
  • If you can gather five people to sign somewhere, just call and we’ll arrive with a set of the petitions.
  • If you can take some petitions, we can provide you with any materials you may need.
  • Just respond to this email and we’ll support your efforts.