Councilman Richard Fimbres on the Renaissance of Ward 5

Video editing by Anne Simmons.

Democratic Richard Fimbres is a member of the Tucson City Council representing Ward 5, where he is a lifelong resident. He was first elected in 2009 and is running unopposed in the November 2, 2021 election. Richard is running to continue his work as the Ward 5 Council Member, continuing the Renaissance of Ward 5 and the Southside.

During his time as your Ward 5 Council Member, Richard Fimbres has worked to:

  • Open businesses in Ward 5 and create 14,000 jobs;
  • Bring GEICO’s Regional Office, Dave & Busters, Costco, Curacao, CenturyMark 14 Theatre, Amazon Distribution Center, APAC Pharmaceutical and the Homegoods Distribution Center, naming seven of many new businesses to Ward 5;
  • Get affordable health care in Ward 5 with the El Rio Healthcare at Cherrybell;
  • Bring more educational opportunities for our young people with the JTED Center for Innovation at the Bridges;
  • Save the Cherrybell Post Office and Processing Center;
  • Have the City of Tucson conduct all Vote-By-Mail elections and ending voter intimidation;
  • Ensure free bus rides on Sun Tran and continuing the City of Tucson eviction moratorium to December 31 during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Get car seats, booster seats, bike helmets and bicycles to young people in Ward 5;
  • Create the Tucson Homeless Work Program, the Tucson Change Program and the Tucson Homeless Coalition;
  • Get the City of Tucson Poverty and Urban Stress Report compiled and updated;
  • Get young students to read more books, create thank you cards for Veterans as well as safety messages for our community;
  • Honor our Veterans with City support of the annual Veteran’s Parade;
  • Get the World War II Memorial in Armory Park and the Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Plaza at the Quincie Douglas Center constructed;
  • Help families and students in need of assistance and
  • Get COVID-19 vaccines and masks to Ward 5 residents.

Richard Fimbres is proud to have his name on the ballot for the November 2, City of Tucson General Election ballot as the Ward 5 Candidate. As Fimbres says, “We are One City, One County, and One Community,” and he looks forward to supporting from the community on his work and accomplishments.

Richard Fimbres hopes everyone can “Be safe, be healthy, get tested and your COVID-19 vaccination! It may be hot, so get your shot!”

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