Having studied the issues and priorities for both Republicans and Democrats running for Arizona’s State Senate and House, I can’t help but wonder if both Republicans running for office ever put any thought into what is fair for all the citizens of Arizona?

State Sen. Vince Leach (R-LD11) claims border security, 2nd amendment rights, job creation, health care, and life are important issues. I wonder:

  • How many Arizonans feel Border Security is important to them now that they are out or work?
  • How many think protecting their 2nd Amendment rights is important? How many believe that perhaps the 2nd Amendment is the cause of too many guns in Arizona?
  • How many good-paying jobs have been created by Ducey and the Republicans?
  • Why did Republicans and Gov. Ducey, along with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, come out against the minimum wage bill a few years ago?

On healthcare, Sen. Leach wants to repeal Obamacare and protect the free market system? How many in Arizona would lose their health care if Sen. Leach has his way?  How many would be rejected because of a pre-existing condition?

Finally, if Sen. Leach is pro-life, shouldn’t we expect him to support all social programs for the poor and disadvantaged? Shouldn’t we also expect the senator to support and fund public schools and stop pubic money going to charter and religious schools?

Mark Finchem

What matters to Rep. Mark Finchem (R-LD11) is personal freedom (whatever that is supposed to mean) economic security, quality education, and a debt-free future.

If Finchem wants economic security, I would urge him to let the governor know of his concerns and tell him to increase the unemployment benefits for the 452,000 Arizonans out of work.

Unfortunately, state lawmakers — at the behest of the business community — have capped payments at $240 a week, no matter how much the person was earning before, a figure that has not to been altered since 2004. Only Mississippi pays less. In the meantime, the governor said he sees no reason to address the issue of unemployment benefits.”

Finchem also supports The Center for Arizona Policy, a Republican bill mill whose website claims that 129 supported bills became law.

JoAnna Mendoza and Dr. Felipe Perez

For Democrat for Senate JoAnna Mendoza, a retired military veteran, her priorities are education, military, veterans and families, health care, and the environment. She’s for fully funding public education, paying teachers their real worth, and equipping our schools with all resources that they need. For health care, she supports KidsCare, which provides healthcare for children.

Democrat for the House Dr. Felipe Perez’s priorities are to fix healthcare, senior wellness, improve education and protect the environment. Being a physician, he knows first-hand most people are unable to afford health care. For education, he wants to fund our public schools fully. (Sen. Leach wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act also the pre-existing conditions part, so that most middle- and lower-class citizens would lose their health care)

For the Republicans, it’s the same old same old that isn’t working for the majority of Arizonans. For the Democrats, it’s full school funding, affordable health care through the Affordable Care Act, and protect the environment.

The choice is clear.