Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger Endorses Adrian Fontes

Members of the sane wing of the Republican Party are deciding to throw their support to Democrats in Arizona in the 2022 elections because they cannot stomach the election denialism and Anti-Democracy strain of the extremely dangerous MAGA Trumpists.

Today, Illinois Representative and January 6, 2022, Committee Member Adam Kinzinger, recognizing the danger Mark Finchem poses for Democracy and the Republic in Arizona and across the country, has endorsed Democrat Adrian Fontes for Secretary of State.

Representative Kinzinger is right.

First published on Blog for Arizona.

“Those who are responsible for the violence on January 6th and those who have pushed the Big Lie since the 2020 election must not gain higher office. The fate of our Republic depends on that,” Kinzinger said. “Voters need to turn out on November 8, 2022, and defeat all election deniers and all those that threaten American Democracy and the Republic.”

Vote for Adrian Fontes as well as Katie Hobbs, Kris Mayes, Kathy Hoffman, Mark Kelly, Martin Quezada, and all pro-Democracy candidates up and down the ballot.

Take your vote seriously because Fascism can come here if you do not.

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