Rep. Pam Powers Hannley Explains all 10 Propositions on the Ballot

Arizona House member Pam Powers Hannley (D-LD9) cut through the confusion about the propositions. Pam has served in the Arizona House of Representatives since 2017.

She is known as a progressive blogger and videographer on the Blog for Arizona and recently started a podcast – A View from the Left Side. A life-long member of the Democratic Party and a veteran precinct committee person, Pam covered the Democratic National Convention in 2012 for the Huffington Post.

The list of 10 propositions on our ballots can feel overwhelming, but they are critical to shaping our state. The wording of some propositions is obscure or deceptive.

Video editing by Chris DeYoung

For example, vote:

YES on Prop 209 on Predatory Debt Collection Protection.

YES on Prop 211: “Voters’ right to Know Act,” aka “Stop Dark Money.”

YES on Prop 308, which allows in-state tuition to students, including “Dreamers.”

YES on Prop 310: Proposes a 20-year 1/10th of a cent increase in the state sales tax to help fund Fire Districts.

Vote NO on everything else:

• NO on Prop 128: the deceptive “Voter Protection Act” that allows the Legislature to overturn voter-approved initiatives.

• NO on Prop 129: which would delay and discourage citizens’ initiatives

• NO on Prop 130: a is a sneaky way to get another corporate tax cut under the radar

• NO on Prop 131: requires candidates for Governor to select a running mate to serve as Governor, which has been rejected by Arizona voters three times.

• NO on Prop 132, which requires a 60% “supermajority” of movers to pass any initiative that includes a tax; current law requires only 1%.

NO on Prop 309: Imposes more restrictive requirements for voters at the polls and a separate affidavit with a birth date for mail-in voting.

Arizona’s 10 Ballot Propositions: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly (video)

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