Rep. Andres Cano Demands a Justice Department Investigation of the Fraudit

Andres Cano called for a US Department of Justice Investigation of the Republican Fraudit in Maricopa County. The recount of Maricopa ballots by the Cyber Ninjas/State Senate, “Is a huge travesty of the biggest proportions we’ve ever seen.” He spoke at the July 12, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

The Senate GOP audit just announced that their bungled efforts have forced them to recount their own recountMaricopa County voters cast 2,089,563 ballots, but the partisan audit failed to match that number.

  BREAKING NEWS: House Committee on Oversight and Reform Launches an Investigation into Arizona Senate’s GQP Sham ‘Fraudit’

“We need a Department of Justice investigation at this point to figure out what is going on,” Cano said. “We’re talking about the scam of fraud. It’s been not only an embarrassment to our state and has been a mockery of our democracy nationally.”

Governor Ducey, Secretary of State Hobbs, Attorney General Brnovich and the Republican County Board of Supervisors all certified the election outcome that Biden won the state.

“I am shocked that my Republican colleagues have been paying attention to the former president and his supposed greatness. Hello? What are you? What is going through your head?” Cano asked. “This is all an attempt to get more fundraising dollars in Arizona, because the Republicans are losing their majority.”

Cano, age 29, was elected to the state House for LD3 in 2018 and reelected in 2020. LD3 includes Tucson’s downtown and west side. LD3 is a majority Latino district that includes historic neighborhoods and barrios as well as the Yaqui Nation. Andres has served as a board member of Planned Parenthood Arizona, with the City Center for Collaborative Learning, and with Literacy Connects.

Cano also called for:

  • Restoring funding for the state’s community colleges.
  • Fighting “the most disastrous budget” just enacted by the state legislature, which squandered a $2 billion surplus by giving the wealthiest Arizonans a tax cut.
  • Guaranteeing the state’s water supply — instead of allowing a Saudi Arabia company to use Arizona water, grow alfalfa, and ship it to the Middle East.
  • Fully funding the Department of Water Resources and updating the Water Management Act of the 1980s.
  • Protecting “heat workers,” like Postal employees, who labor in 100-degree heat in trucks without air conditioning.
  • Enacting rational gun safety laws.

Seeing a Democratic legislature

“Our power is growing, not only as a Democratic Party, but as a very, very woke electorate that is paying attention,” Cano said. Democrats need to flip only two state House and two state Senate seats to take the majority in 2022.

“The Republicans’ horrible voter suppression bills are ultimately the greatest gift that we can possibly have because we will fight back and we will ultimately elect leaders who will repeal those laws,” he said.

He called on Democrats to visit voters three or four times, send postcards, follow up with a phone call, and leave a pamphlet on the doors of voters. “We need to ask the voters to do what we do best, which is take power back into our own hands given this legislature’s refusal to acknowledge reality.”

“A Democratic majority is in our favor in 2022. It’s bound to happen folks. We’ve just got to believe in it. And I do,” he said.

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