Protest Trump by Signing 7 Petitions for Voter Rights and Education

Trump will be visiting Phoenix on July 24th, so let’s get together at the Pima County Democratic headquarters and sign seven petitions to show him that we will never stop fighting to protect our democracy.

Take action with us this Saturday from 3-5 pm at the PCDP Headquarters at 4639 E 1st St, Tucson, AZ 85711. We will have petitions available to sign and circulate, including 6 referenda to keep the following bills from becoming laws:

SB1485 ► Changes the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) to Active Early Voting List (AEVL). Purges AEVL periodically. Notices would be sent to people based on their frequency of voting by mail. People who receive notices would be required to respond to stay on the list. 

SB1819 Promotes a list of ten ballot fraud countermeasures, including bar and QR codes which would violate the ballot secrecy guarantee of the Arizona Constitution

HB2569 ► Puts elections officials at risk of becoming underfunded because they are banned from receiving private grants to help them run elections or register voters.

SB1827 ► Caps the taxpayer’s total tax rate at 4.5%.

SB1828 Cuts the number of tax brackets from five to two.

SB1783 ► Allows wealthy individuals to file their state taxes as small businesses so they can avoid the extra tax stipulated in Prop 208.

Voters’ Right to Know Initiative (Dark Money) ► Eliminates dark money barricades in state and local elections.

Pima County Justice for All Initiative ► ensures that AZ residents facing charges in immigration court are appointed an attorney when they cannot afford one.

In addition to the petitions listed above, we will also have:

  • A notary available to notarize petition signatures.
  • Voter registration forms.
  • Information about the Federal Child Tax Credit.

If you can’t make it to Phoenix, take action this weekend by dropping by the office to take part in our event!

Click here to read summaries of the petitions.

Please come to Pima County Democratic HQ to sign all 7 petitions. 

Pima 3pm-5pm Pima County Democratic Party 4639 E 1st St Tucson Merrill Eisenberg 520-245-0258
Pima 3-6 pm Civano Center Rotunda 10501 E Seven Generations Way Civano Nancy Burton 518-496-2026
Pinal 1-4 pm Home of Bob and Barbara Allen 37256 S Desert Drive Saddlebrook Bob and Barbara Allen
760-250-8408 (leave message)
Pinal 9-11:30 am Oro Valley Library 1305 W Naranja Dr Oro Valley Jean and Tom Meconi 520-308-4704 / 734-751-2541

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