Pray for Ukraine and Support a Family

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Pavel Kryshen

A Ukrainian artist — Pavel Kryshen — has sent out a call for support for his Etsy shop, which carries digital images of the farmlands and flag of Ukraine.

If you were looking to help, please visit his store: (Another way is to rent an Airbnb in Ukraine. Obviously, you won’t go there, but Airbnb is waiving all fees and the money goes directly to the people that own the house.)

Pavel wrote on March 7, 2022, from the city of Obukhov, population 33,443:

Hello Larry!
I appreciate your help and support! My name is Pavel Kryshen I am a Ukrainian, I am still in Ukraine together with my family. At this time our family is more fortunate than many Ukrainians because our city has not been bombed! But we can hear the explosions in neighboring cities! We live 40 km from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. In the small town of Obukhov.

My family is very scared, we live in fear that tomorrow they will start bombing us too! I fear for the life and health of my 7-year-old son! I asked my wife to go to Poland with my son to protect their lives, but she does not want to leave our country, leave me and our home! What is happening now in our country is the brutal killing of civilians and the destruction of our cities! When the war started, we rethought a lot of things, and what seemed important to us now has faded into the background, now more than ever we understand how valuable life is, a peaceful life! We pray for our salvation, for our freedom and independence! Our nation is united very strongly, people all help each other very much, the spirit of our army just amazes with its courage and optimism! We believe in victory! We believe that Ukraine will survive this war!

He first contacted fellow Democrat Vickie Lasher (daughter of DGT Board member Sandee Binyon):

Hello my dear friend! Thanks for your support!!!

If it’s possible, only if you wish of course, please send out this link to your friends and acquaintances where they can support our family (donate some of their money to us):

I don’t insist, it’s just a friendly request.

Please go to my products, there are electronic pictures there. By buying them you will thus donate money for my family and loved ones.

In this difficult time, many of us have no opportunity to work and receive money, our grocery stores are empty, we would be grateful for every cent you send to help us! This money will help feed my family and the families of people who are in great need, and some of the money goes to help our army, which is defending our city, to the needs of people who are now in shelters.

We really hope this bloody and brutal war will end soon and everything will get better, we will never forget your support and kindness!!! Pray for us and our country, please!

God bless you! With love, Pavel

Etsy ranks Pavel as Star Seller: “This seller has a history of 5-star reviews, shipping on time, and replying quickly when they got any messages.”

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