More than 450 parrots, cockatoos, macaws, and other tropical birds have found a retirement home at The Oasis Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization located near Benson, AZ, dedicated to the rescue and life time sanctuary care of parrots living in captivity. The Oasis is working to raise $25,000 by April 7.

Its goals are:

  • To provide permanent Sanctuary to any Psittacines (parrot-type birds).
  • To develop and build naturalistic habitats (free-flights) for the birds.
  • To continue working with bona fide avian and animal welfare organizations in an effort to ensure that every parrot in captivity has a safe and loving home.
  • To educate the public about Psittacines, their proper care in captivity and their place in the wild.

During the pandemic, The Oasis has taken all the steps necessary to protect the safety and health of both birds and people. We’ve continued to offer the birds healing, hope and the chance to be birds, because of your support.

The Birds Miss You

We (and the birds) sure miss having bird lovers, neighbors and tourists visit us. This time of year, when the weather is perfect, is usually our busiest time to welcome people to tour the sanctuary and learn about our mission. By following the guidelines to keep everyone healthy, we are unable to allow tours which means a loss of donations. Cancelling our only on-site event will cost us even more donations during a time when they are needed.

All we can say is “WOW” that we are so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful community of Oasis supporters. For Arizona Gives Day, our match challenge of $15,000 was quite wonderful but it has now been increased to $25k!  That means every donation we receive through our AZ Gives Day profile page will not only count towards the goal to win incentive monetary prizes, it will also be matched up to $25,000!

Remember, you don’t have to wait until April 7 to donate, you can make a donation now and have it count towards our goal to help us win the big incentive prizes!

Will You Sponsor Us?
Ivy and Kahili are a very special pair. Ivy is a teen-aged Blue & Gold Macaw who hatched in March 2003. Kahili, a Catalina Macaw, is almost 30 years old. He hatched in May 1990. Ivy had five owners by the time she was 6 months old. When the Alaska Bird Club rescued Ivy, she was a sickly chick. The Alaska Bird Club saved Kahili at nearly the same time as Ivy, and the rescuers decided to try housing Ivy with Kahili to see if a parrot’s companionship might enable little Ivy to thrive.

Thrive she did. Kahili took over the parenting role for Ivy. He fed Ivy, and he provided everything for her. Over the years, as Ivy grew into her beautiful self, the relationship between the two grew into a pair bond. Their pair bond is now compellingly strong.
Ivy and Kahili live together in one of the mini-flights in the Pole Barn at the Sanctuary.These two are both available for sponsorship on a monthly or annual basis. As a Sponsor you contribute to the basic care and well-being of the bird(s) you sponsor. In return, you will receive an annual update and photos of your sponsored bird(s). Follow these links to sponsor or call Ruth Ann at 480 946-4955
=> Sponsor Ivy HERE.
=> Sponsor Kahili HERE.

–By the Oasis Sanctuary