Democrats of Greater Tucson Present Presents Democratic Incumbent Pima Co. Assessor Suzanne Droubie on March 4th at Noon

Suzanne Droubie is running for re-election as a Democrat for Pima Co. Assessor in 2024. Please Register in Advance for this Event: Suzanne Droubie was elected as the first female Assessor of Pima County in 2020. With over 26 years of combined experience as a taxpayer consultant, mass appraiser, fee appraiser, and real estate … Read more Presents Abbie Hlavacek and Melinda Iyer of Save Our Schools AZ on Public School Funding, March 11th at Noon

Co-founders of Save Our Schools Arizona Abbie Hlavacek and Melinda Iyer will join us for a discussion about public school funding in Arizona. We will focus on competing proposals by Governor Hobbs and the GOP legislative majority about sustained additional funding from the State Land Trust as Prop 123 is expiring soon. Also we will … Read more Salon Presents Coconino Co. Treasurer Sarah Benatar and Frances Sawyer of Pleiades Strategy on DEI in AZ, March 13th at 6pm

Coconino County Treasurer Sarah Benatar and Frances Sawyer, author of the  2023 Statehouse Report  “Republican Attacks on the Freedom to Invest Responsibly Falter Against Business, Labor, and Environmental Opposition“, will join us to discuss the benefits of Diversity Equity and Inclusion policies, and the right-wing’s legislative attacks on the rights of the public, private companies … Read more Presents Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos on March 18 at Noon will be joined by incumbent Pima County Sheriff and candidate for re-election in 2024, Chris Nanos. Chris will talk about the accomplishments of his administration and make his case for his re-election to another term as Pima County Sheriff. Please Register in Advance for this Event: For more information on Sheriff Nanos and … Read more

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