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Republican voter suppression/election bills are advancing in the AZ legislature. If you click on the bill number in the list below, a pdf summary of the bill will appear.

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Information provided by Democrats of Oro Valley

SB1485 Renames the permanent early voting list (PEVL) as the early voting list (EVL). Removes a voter from the EVL if the voter fails to vote by early ballot in both the primary election and the general election for two consecutive primary and general elections for which there was a federal, statewide or legislative race on the ballot. Requires counties to notify a voter prior to removing that voter from the EVL. House Government & Elections – March 10, 2021

SB1105 Increases, from 100 to 200 words, the length of an initiative or referendum description included on initiative and referendum petitions. House Government & Elections – March 10, 2021

HB2054 Requires, rather than allows, the Secretary of State to compare records of deaths with the statewide voter registration database. Senate Rules – March 08, 2021

SB1593 Prohibits mailed early ballots postmarked later than the Thursday before the election from being processed. Requires a county recorder to begin mailing early ballots 22 days, rather than 27 days, before an election. Allows a voter that received an early ballot to vote a standard ballot at a polling place if the voter surrenders the early ballot to an election board worker. Senate – COW – March 08, 2021

SB1713 Requires an early ballot affidavit to fit inside the return envelope and requires a voter to include their date of birth and certain permissible forms of identification with the affidavit in the return envelope. Senate – Third Reading – March 08, 2021

HB21112 Prohibits the state of Arizona from using personnel or financial resources to enforce any United States (U.S.) government law that is inconsistent with any law of this state regarding the regulation of firearms.
Senate Judiciary – March 11, 2021

HB2310 Allows Legislative Council, on request of a member of the Legislature, to review a Presidential executive order and recommend that the Attorney General (AG) further examine the order to determine the legality of the order. Requires the AG, on a determination that a Presidential executive order is illegal, to file declaratory judgement action in federal district court. Senate Government – March 08, 2021

HCR2002 Declares the Legislature’s support for maintaining nine justices on the Supreme Court of the United States (Supreme Court). Senate Judiciary – March 11, 2021