August 2022

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense at the

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Three gun safety experts addressed the Democrats of Greater Tucson salon held on July 27, 2022: Kelley Ireland of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense Pete Plahmer, Coordinator of Banner Medical Center’s Trauma Outreach & Injury Prevention program Teresa Neiberg, Legislative Lead for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. 00:04 How can we make reforms in gun violence.00:14 Welcome to the DGT Salon meeting 00:42 Introduction to the Panel 02:00 Kelly Ireland remarks 24:04 Introduction to Pete Plahmer 24:18 Pete Plahmer remarks 51:25 Q&A for Pete Plahmer 54:35 Introduction to Teresa Neiberg 55:00 Teresa Neiberg remarks 1:04:08 Q&A for panel Data from [...]

Pima Supervisor Rex Scott Demands the Repeal of a Law that Blocks Local Control of Gun Safety

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Taking a bold step for public safety, the Pima County Supervisors called for the repeal of a prohibition against local governments protecting their citizens from gun violence. If the "guns everywhere" law isn't revoked, the County will go to court to have it declared unconstitutional. The 3-2 majority voted on August 2: "1. The Board of Supervisors will call on the Arizona Legislature to repeal A.R.S. § 13-3108 and any other laws that inhibit the ability of local governments to take action to prevent gun violence, or to take other necessary measures related to the regulation of guns within the [...]

July 2022

Chris Mathis Sounds the Alarm in the Race for State House in LD18

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Chris Mathis, running for the AZ House in LD18, spoke at the Democrats of Greater Tucson meeting on July 25, 2022. Here are highlights of Chris’s talk: I got involved in this in the fall when I was alarmed by threats to reproductive rights. I am way past alarmed at this point. For the first time in US history, we’re in a situation where the United States Supreme Court has taken away a right that we had in this country for 50 years. And many of us feared it was coming. It’s hard to get used to the fact that we live [...]

Save Our Schools Arizona Leads the Fight to Stop Private School Voucher Expansion

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Gov. Ducey cannot stop hyping the Universal Voucher Expansion Law that he signed ten days after the end of the Arizona Legislative Session. Saying “this is a monumental moment for all of Arizona’s students. Our kids will no longer be locked in underperforming schools. Today, we’re unlocking a whole new world of opportunity for them and their parents,” Mr. Ducey left out a lot of recent history, including: This law defies the will of the Arizona voters, who have already voted down an earlier version of voucher expansion. That should not be surprising because Ducey, the Republicans at the Arizona [...]

Stephanie Stahl Hamilton for AZ House in LD21

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Stephanie Stahl Hamilton is a member of the Arizona State Senate representing old District 10. She spoke to Democrats of Greater Tucson on July 18, 2022. She is running for the Arizona House of Representatives election to represent the new District 21. 00:00 DGT Logo 00:04 Stephanie Stahl Hamilton for the Arizona House in LD21 00:08 Welcome to the DGT 00:16 Introduction to Stephanie Stahl Hamilton for the Arizona House in LD21 01:20 Stephanie Stahl Hamilton Remarks 10:57 Q&A 48:24 Closing remarks and how to contact Stephanie Stahl Hamilton @ She identified four topics on which she will concentrate. [...]

The Biden Jobs Recovery Barrels Ahead, and Gas Prices are Dropping

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To quote the President of the United States: "Here's the deal." The June Jobs Report, defying expectations, showed the creation of approximately 372,000 positions. And by the way, gas prices are falling. In a statement from the White House, President Biden relayed: "Today, we learned that our private sector has recovered all of the jobs lost during the pandemic and added jobs on top of that. This has been the fastest and strongest jobs recovery in American history. It would not have been possible without my administration's decisive action last year to fix a broken COVID response and pass the American Rescue Plan to [...]

Akanni Oyegbola for state House in LD21

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Mallory Riegger is DGT's volunteer video editor and a Precinct Committee Person in LD18. 00:00 DGT Logo 00:04 Mission 4 Arizona 00:08 Welcome to the DGT 00:15 Introduction to Akanni Oyegbola for the Arizona House in LD21 01:08 Akanni Oyegbola Remarks 07:39 Q&A 26:37 Contact Akanni Oyegbola at Akanni says: “I am Akanni Oyegbola and It’s been the honor of my life to serve South Tucson as a City Councilor and former Acting Mayor. With this being the final year of my term, I have decided to run for state office. As a candidate for the House of Representative [...]

How to Talk to Voters with Evynn Bronson and Anna Smith of Mission for Arizona

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Video editing by our fabulous volunteer: Mallory Riegger. This is a recording of the Salon: How to Persuade Voters with Mission for Arizona, presented on July 7, 2022. Our speakers were young volunteers, Evynn Bronson and Anna Smith, both Tucson organizers for Mission for Arizona. Anna Smith is the field organizer for the Eastern Foothills and North Tanque Verde. She moved to Tucson in February from Easton, Pennsylvania, to work for Mission for AZ. Evynn Bronson worked for the mayor of her hometown of Idaho Falls and for Congressman Adam Schiff on Capitol Hill. Mission For Arizona is a grassroots [...]

Stephanie Stahl Hamilton Will Tackle the Environment and Water in New LD18

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Stephanie Stahl Hamilton has had a very busy first two years at the State Legislature. Elected as a State House member in Legislative District (LD) 10 in 2020, she moved to the State Senate after being appointed there in 2021. In her time in both chambers, she built relationships with legislators from both political parties. She hopes to use that networking to achieve legislative breakthroughs in education, protecting the water supply, and protecting LGBTQ and women’s rights as a new House member in the new LD 21. Senator Hamilton graciously took the time to discuss her candidacy for the State House. [...]

Democratic Candidates in the 2022 Primary

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Click here to print out the brochure at home, and give it to your neighbors. State Representative LD18 (5 candidates for 2 seats) Nathan Davis (520) 248-9334 Nancy Gutierrez 520-222-9969 Chris Mathis (520) 465-8290 Kat Stratford 520-775-1629 Charlie Verdin 985-855-3602   State Senator LD18 (2 candidates for 1 seat) Morgan Abraham 602-926-5178 Priya Sundareshan 520-344-3477  AZ GOVERNOR Katie Hobbs - Marco Lopez - AZ SECRETARY OF STATE Reginald Bolding - Adrian Fontes - AZ ATTORNEY GENERAL Kris Mayes - AZ TREASURER [...]

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