Biden’s Statement on Trump’s Continued Failure to Control COVID-19

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Yet again this morning, President Trump attacked the CDC and the public health experts who should be guiding our response to COVID-19, saying that they “don’t know” what they’re talking about.

The past six months have proven again and again that it’s Donald Trump who doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to COVID-19. He said the virus would disappear. He said anyone who wants a test could get a test. He said the virus was under control. When it comes to the coronavirus, you can’t believe a word he says.

It’s astonishing that even after 140,000 Americans have died in the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the developed world, President Trump continues his offensive against the CDC and scientists like Dr. Fauci, instead of heeding their clear advice about the steps we must take to stop this virus — from ramping up testing to getting protective equipment to the heroes on the front lines.

But what’s truly disturbing is that President Trump isn’t just attacking our leading health experts — he’s waving the white flag and actively undercutting our ability to save lives and stop COVID-19 by shamefully trying to block critical additional new funding for the CDC, as well as for testing and tracing. Think about that again: In the middle of a pandemic that continues to worsen on his watch, President Trump is trying to keep money away from the public health measures that we know will keep us and our families safe. He even went on to attack the value of testing again in the same interview, perpetuating a terrible months-long streak.

Mr. President, your ignorance isn’t a virtue or a sign of your strength — it’s undercutting our response to this unprecedented crisis at every turn and it’s costing Americans their jobs and their lives.

It’s long past due for President Trump to listen to somebody other than himself in how to fight this virus, because after six straight months of deadly mismanagement it is spiraling even more out of control. He can start by immediately adopting the proposals I have laid out for months now that experts tell us will help us stop this virus, save lives, and safely re-open our economy.

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