How to Talk to Voters with Evynn Bronson and Anna Smith of Mission for Arizona

Video editing by our fabulous volunteer: Mallory Riegger.

This is a recording of the Salon: How to Persuade Voters with Mission for Arizona, presented on
July 7, 2022. Our speakers were young volunteers, Evynn Bronson and Anna Smith, both Tucson organizers for Mission for Arizona.

Anna Smith is the field organizer for the Eastern Foothills and North Tanque Verde. She moved to Tucson in February from Easton, Pennsylvania, to work for Mission for AZ. Evynn Bronson worked for the mayor of her hometown of Idaho Falls and for Congressman Adam Schiff on Capitol Hill.

Mission For Arizona is a grassroots effort to elect Democrats on every level of the ballot throughout the state of Arizona.

A year of close races

“This is going to be a year of close races — Biden won Arizona by fewer than four votes per precinct,” Evynn said. “In November, we know that our biggest challenge will be turnout.”

“A key part of our strategy to win in 2022 is turning out infrequent and new voters,” Anna said. Every single  voter we’re targeting is someone we believe we need to persuade to turn out to vote for Democrats this November.”

This summer, organizers are working to register voters to the Early Voting List and collect Commitments to Vote ahead of the fall. Volunteers are not trying to change the minds of Republicans. Instead, they are working to persuade undecided voters.

Statewide races for Governor and beyond will have a huge impact on Arizona. They discussed:

  • Why infrequent and new voters are so important.
  • Three key steps to winning the election this summer.
  • How to have a conversation with voters. What to say about hot topics like inflation, reproductive rights, gun safety, immigration, climate change, and integrity in government.

See their slide show.

How To Get Involved

  • Knock Doors to register voters for the Early Voting List and collect Commit to Vote cards.
  • Make Phone Calls to secure vote commitments from voters we can’t reach at their door.
  • Help Us Recruit Volunteers join us on Tuesdays to help us recruit strong Dems to join the team.
  • Host an Event to bring other Democrats together to talk about the election.
  • Volunteer at the Office — we need your help with admin work and staffing the office.
  • Take on a Leadership Role — lead and support volunteer training.

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