Mayors Gallego and Romero on What is At Stake in AZ’s 2022 Elections

Both Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and Tucson Mayor Regina Romero know what is at stake in the 2022 elections as Arizona finds itself at the proverbial fork in the road where voters will decide whether to elect candidates and measures up and down the ballot that will take the Grand Canyon state backward or vote for individuals and propositions that will move us forward.

Responding to a request for comment for this article, Mayor Gallego relayed:

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“We have an incredibly important election coming up this November. No matter how you feel about the choices on the ballot, it’s imperative to cast your vote and help chart the future of our state. I encourage everyone to vote the entire ballot.  Local races, school districts, and special districts such as the Central Arizona Water Conservation District are incredibly important to our community.  Ballot propositions cover key topics from in-state tuition for Dreamers to dark money.”

Also responding to a request for comment, Mayor Romero offered:

“I am very excited about the slate of Democratic Party candidates statewide. We have incredible candidates, many of them women who came out victorious during the primary. This November Arizonans have a clear choice between out-of-touch, MAGA Republicans who are out to pass their extreme agenda or Democrats who are ready to take tangible steps to help our working families and Arizonans. Democrats are ready to get to work to fund our public schools and support teachers, take action against climate change, and protect our precious water supplies. We are ready to fight for access to healthcare, abortion rights, and voting, the very foundation of our democracy.”

Mayor Gallego is right when she asserts that the future of the state is at stake and it is vital that voters make decisions for every office and proposition on the ballot.

Mayor Romero is also on point when conveying the stark choice voters have: to elect candidates that do not subscribe to reality and offer an agenda that would make Puritan America seem like Woodstock or individuals that would govern with the goal of lifting people up and moving the state forward.

The November 8, 2022 elections are in 86 days.

Please follow Mayor Gallego’s advice and remember to vote for all offices and propositions up and down the ballot.

Please follow Mayor Romero’s guidance to select the candidates that are reality-based in their worldview and will work to find solutions to help people and make Arizona thrive.

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