Kris Mayes, Candidate for AZ Attorney General, will Take the Fight to the Republicans

Attorney General Candidate Kris Mayes promised to take the fight to the Republican Party in her campaign.

“I was tough on the utilities,” she said about her work on the Arizona Corporation Commission. “Who’s tough enough to stand up to the insanity that’s going on at the Arizona legislature? Which one of us is going to be strong enough to stand up and file lawsuits against these Republicans when they are engaged in flat-out unconstitutional behavior? I mean, this is the group that gave us the fraudit and the big lie. They sent Arizona voter data to a cabin in Montana. To a cabin in Montana!”

“The Republicans who are running for attorney general, when you listen to them, they all sound like they’re running to be Donald Trump’s lawyer. They all sound like they want to serve a guy who lives in a place called Mar-a-Lago. That’s insane. I want to be the lawyer for the people of the state of Arizona,” she said.

Mayes’ platform includes fighting anti-democracy Republicans, acting on climate change, and protecting a woman’s right to choose.

She mocked current A.G. Mark Brnovich, “Thank goodness he’s termed out. Did nothing about the Maricopa audit. He sat on his hands. He’s too busy playing with nunchucks on the top of a parking garage.”

Reproductive rights

“Number two, I am absolutely running for attorney general to protect reproductive rights. Republicans are coming to Arizona with that Texas abortion law. They have already picked a Republican legislator to run that legislation. We have to have an attorney general who is committed to protecting reproductive rights,” Mayes said.

“I will be the first attorney general in Arizona history to make fighting climate change a top priority. These Republicans have done nothing about this and I will fight climate change. On day one, I will appoint a climate director inside the office, the environmental division of the A.G.’s office to help me fight climate change. We have a Colorado river that is threatened. We know in Southern Arizona, our rivers are drying up and we have got to make this an urgent priority for our state.” she said.

Saving consumers billions of dollars

During her time as an Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Kris’s leadership helped create tens of thousands of high-paying jobs, saved Arizona consumers tens of billions of dollars, and fought climate change by requiring utilities to produce more clean energy — including solar, wind, and energy efficiency.

Mayes with her daughter, Hattie

Kris worked to preserve Arizona’s increasingly threatened water resources by overseeing one of the largest expansions of utility water conservation programs in state history. Kris also pushed utilities to stop spending ratepayer money on corporate bonuses and advertising, in an effort to keep rates low. And when a major natural gas company was charging too much in the wintertime, Kris required the company to provide customers rebates and rate reductions.

Kris also ordered the violators of Arizona’s securities laws to pay fines and tens of millions of dollars in restitution to victims. She took on one of the biggest gasoline pipeline companies in America and persuaded its CEO to repair or replace most of the company’s 617 miles of pipelines in Arizona after a major line ruptured in Tucson. And Kris persuaded a monopoly railroad company not to construct a hazardous set-out facility next to a city hospital, school and neighborhood.

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