Joyce Jones-Ivey, on the Oro Valley Town Council, Welcomes Questions from the Public

Joyce Jones-Ivey has served on the Oro Valley Town Council since 2018. She is a retired nurse who proudly served patients for 42 years. She spoke about how to influence your local government at the May 17, 2021 meeting of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

She recommended that citizens visit the town website at, where elected officials and town departments are listed. People can attend the Community Academy to learn more about their community and local government from town staff and local experts. Residents can also attend the Citizen Academy, which gives the public information about the Oro Valley Police Department.

Oro Valley’s new police chief, Kara Reilly.

The town just hired Police Chief Kara Riley, the only woman among 30 applicants for the job. Jones-Ivey also announced that the town has 49 holes of golf in two courses.

A life of political activity

Joyce grew up in Los Angeles and was one of 8 children. In her career, she was also been a sales and contracts negotiator for drug maker Boehringer Mannheim and started her own business making specialty jewelry.

Joyce served on Women in Action, a political action group in Pasadena that assisted candidates to run for office in Pasadena. She was President and Treasurer of the Pasadena Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, an organization of mothers  dedicating to nurturing future African American leaders

Joyce aims to keep the town community-oriented, fiscally sound, and environmentally and financially sustainable. She is focused on supporting a balanced budget, youth sport and family activities at Naranja Park, and wilderness arts.

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