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Former Vice President and 2020 Presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden and his team have been busy bringing the Democratic Party together with Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

With most of the party heavyweights having now endorsed Biden, his team has put together six committees comprised of both his and Bernie Sander’s supporters.

These committees will formulate joint policy position programs in the areas of:

  • Climate Change
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • The Economy
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Immigration

Among the noteworthy Sanders supporters that have been recruited to these committees is:

  • Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is the co-chair with 2004 Democratic Presidential Nominee, former Secretary of State, and World War Zero cofounder John Kerry ( a Biden selection) on the Climate Change Committee
  • Representative Pramila Jayapal who will be the co-chair of the Health Care Committee.

The Biden team also includes:

  • Former Environmental Protection Agency head Gina McCarthy (Climate Change.)
  • Economist Jared Bernstein (Economics.)
  • Former Attorney General Eric Holder (Criminal Justice Reform.)
  • Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers (Education.)

According to reporting at Vox, these committees will outline policy proposals and also vet potential nominees to serve key positions in a Biden Administration.

Speaking in an interview to KLAS, a Las Vegas television station, Biden said:

“We’ve set up joint committees together to deal with how we would deal with everything from the [corona]virus all the way down to education, the criminal justice system, the new Green Deal, etc.I’m working with Bernie and his people and we’ve made some changes and listened to the Bernie supporters. And for example, we have, you know, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. She is on one of the panels as well…. And so I think we’re going to have a very united party.”

The Biden and Sanders Campaigns also issued a joint statement which relayed:

From Biden: “A united party is key to defeating Donald Trump this November and moving our country forward through an unprecedented crisis. As we work toward our shared goal, it is especially critical that we not lose sight of the pressing issues facing Americans.”

From Sanders: “To create an agenda that the working class of this country desperately needs, and moves us toward a more just society, we must solicit the best ideas. I commend Joe Biden for working together with my campaign to assemble a group of leading thinkers and activists who can and will unify our party in a transformational and progressive direction.”

Hopefully, this alliance between the Biden and Sanders teams will unite the party behind an agreed-upon progressive agenda that the voters will find favor with on November 3, 2020.

Please remember to:

Turn out and vote on November 3, 2020.

Register/sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) in Arizona or any state that allows early or absentee balloting and mail. Arizona residents can sign up at

Arizona residents, mail your General Election ballot by October 28, 2020, for the November 3, 2020 election.

Check-in with the Secretary of State’s office where you live to verify your mail-in ballot was received, processed, verified, and counted.

Know the voter ID requirements in your state.

If you can, support Clean Election Candidates with a small contribution.

Also, please remember to stay informed on all the candidates and vote for all the offices on the ballot.

Also, remember to research all the ballot initiatives, sign to get them on the ballot if you support the measure, and vote on them as well.

Remember Election Day is on November 3. 2020.