Juan Ciscomani, a Trumper and Ducey Crony, is wrong for Congress in CD2

Juan Ciscomani, an advisor to Governor Doug Ducey, is the leading Republican candidate vying for his party’s nomination to be the US Congressman for Southern Arizona in Tucson’s CD2.

“We don’t need a Ducey crony representing Southern Arizona in Congress,” says Senator Kirsten Engel, running for Congress in Tucson’s CD2

But is he the right person for the position? Let us see where he stands on the issues.

  • He opposes a woman’s right to choose.
  • He favors guns everywhere, all the time.
  • Juan opposes “extreme ideas like Critical Race Theory,” and wants to eliminate teaching students about racism.
  • He wants to lock down the Mexico border (“border security”) — and finish building the stupid border wall.
  • “Juan will fight against Nancy Pelosi and the radical Left.”
  • He supports voter suppression tactics like voter IDs. He opposes The Freedom to Vote Act.
  • He opposes funding public schools and favors “school choice.”
  • Ciscomani never held a real job in business, and just worked earlier for the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Two-time Republican primary loser Brandon Martin is also running for congress.

Does Ciscomani sound like a person that shares the values of the majority of residents in Southern Arizona?

State Senator and Democratic candidate to represent the citizens of Southern Arizona in Congress, Kirsten Engel, does not. She commented that:

“Ciscomani is Governor Ducey’s right-hand man in Southern Arizona and was personally recruited by major GOP donors like Jim Click. We know how devastating Ducey’s anti-science, anti-education, and anti-environment agenda has been for Southern Arizonans and how it’s prolonged the COVID-19 crisis. His corrupt administration has fought for corporations and the super-rich at the expense of working families, seniors, and our children. We don’t need a Ducey crony representing Southern Arizona in Congress.”

“This is not who we need representing us in Congress. Now more than ever, we need someone who will stand up for Southern Arizona families. Whether it’s protecting our environment and tackling climate change, building an economy that works for everyone, ensuring access to affordable, quality healthcare, or protecting abortion rights, I’m ready for the fight.”

Voters in Arizona Congressional District Two will have a choice to make in 2022.

Will they choose the candidate that embodies the positions of the discredited right or the person that supports policies that lift everyone up and move the district, state, and nation forward.

It really should not be that hard a decision.

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