In a mock nature documentary, a wildlife expert who sounds like Sir David Attenborough, describes the habitat and activity of the Impotus Americanus creature, notable for its “exotic plumage.” It is one of the heaviest leaders in the animal kingdom, and is famously known to be an orange, ruddy color not found in nature.

The narrator further describes Trump as:

  • “A ruddy orange color not found in nature.”
  • “Once an alpha predator, this elderly specimen now weighs somewhat over 300 pounds due to its diet of fast food.”
  • “In its youth, it pursued females with other predators like Molestus Epstein.”
  • “Now it focuses on exploiting its home territory, the United States.”
  • “A master of deception.”
  • “Most corrupt of its species.”
  • “Its tweeted cries of anger are meant to distract its prey from its failures as the leader of its pack.”
  • “Endangered this November due to its own incompetence and failure.”

Voters need to put Impotus Americanus out to the electorally defeated pasture 94 days from now on November 3, 2020.