HEAR Michael Bryan, DGT’s Program Director, on the John C. Scott Radio Show

Blog for Arizona’s founder and fearless leader Michael Bryan, retired prosecuting attorney, was on the February 26, 2022, John C. Scott radio talk show (1030 AM on the dial, every Saturday from 3 to 4 p.m.). Michael is the 1st Vice President and Program Director for Democrats of Greater Tucson.

Michael talked about national politics, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, our local politics and the recent redistricting of our Congressional and Legislative districts in Arizona by the IRC (Independent Redistricting Commission). He said it wasn’t so “independent” after all.  And of course, he talked about our website Blog for Arizona.

Listen to the podcast here:

Michael Bryan, DGT Program Director

Michael is now the First Vice President/Program Chair of Democrats of Greater Tucson. His bio from that website:

“Michael is a progressive Democrat who founded the liberal Blog For Arizona in 2003. Earlier, he ran Drinking Liberally meetings for six years. From LD9, he manages updating the DGT website.”

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