HEAR: Key Points of the Democratic Convention with DGT President

John C. Scott, host of the Political Forum on KVOI 1030 AM, interviewed me as a Delegate to the National Democratic Convention to discuss the key points of the 4-day program.

Among the highlights:

  • Overall, it was a terrific miniseries — put together in 8 weeks from scratch, like building an airplane in flight.
  • Joe Biden gave the speech of his life. He was forceful and made no errors.
  • Importantly, Bernie Sanders gave a solid supporting speech.
  • Barack Obama’s speech was a 911 call. “Trump treats the presidency as a reality show to get the attention he craves,” he said.
  • VP candidate Kamala Harris appeals across many racial lines. She has fire in her belly and will eat Pence alive in the debate.
  • Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was inspirational. This woman has come through so much adversity. I echoed her closing line: “Vote. Vote. Vote.”
  • I was impressed with the Republicans who said they’re voting for Biden: John Kasich, Colin Powell, Christine Todd Whitman, Meg Whitman. We can hope that other Republicans take note and do the same.
  • Favorite moments: the 57-state & territory roll call, the kid who stuttered through his letter, and the Chicks singing the National anthem.
  • Also, Kristin Urquiza from Phoenix whose Republican dad died from Covid, said “His only existing precondition was trusting Donald Trump and for that he paid with his life.”

I’m beginning to see that 2020 is different from 2016. Back then, Bernie supporters booed Hillary — this time Bernie gave full-throated support to Biden. Pew Internet Research says only 13% of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction — much different from 2016. And finally, Biden has a plan: the Democratic platform is 91 pages long. The Republicans….have no platform, no plans…

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