Fight Back Against Anti-Voter Bills in the AZ Legislature

Right-wing state legislators are attacking our freedom to vote. Already, they have proposed nearly 100 voter suppression bills, and 16 of them will be heard in committees this week. Republican legislators fear losing their one-vote majority in both legislative chambers, and they are working overtime to jam through ever more extreme legislation.

It is within our power to stop them. (See below) 

Ezra Levin. Register for a special call with Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg, co-founders of Indivisible, just for Arizona. Click HERE to sign up.

“The fight for a multiracial democracy goes on. We have two options: we can give up or we can keep building power to win. I’m not going to let the fascists win by forfeit. We need to continue to build local power in favor of democracy,” said Ezra Levin, co-founder of Indivisible. “The fascist forces are now slowing down and they are a real threat to us all. If we organize, we can build the power to win, because there are more of us than there are of them.”

On Monday, January 24 at 2:00 pm the Senate Committee on Government will meet to hear 12 bills related to voting. The agenda can be found here.  

  • SB1008 elections; recount margin (Ugenti-Rita)
  • SB1009 state of emergency; executive powers (Ugenti-Rita)
  • SB1012 registration database; federal voters; report (Townsend)
  • SB1013 secretary of state; federal form (Townsend)
  • SB1028 ballot paper; security measures (Rogers)
  • SB1054 election equipment; security; legislative review (Townsend)
  • SB1055 election process; contractors and contracts (Townsend)
  • SB1056 misplaced ballots; invalidity; misdemeanor; damages (Townsend)
  • SB1119 electronic ballot images; public record. (Borrelli: Fann, Townsend, et al)
  • SB1120 ballot fraud countermeasures; paper; ink. (Borrelli: Barto, Fann, et al)
  • SB1133 schools; cities; all mail prohibited (Rogers)
  • SCR1005 federal ballot voters; identification (Townsend)

On Wednesday, January 26 at 9:00 am, the House Committee on Government & Elections will meet to hear four bills related to voting. The agenda can be found here.

  • HB2243 voter registration; state residency; cancellation (Hoffman: Barton, Biasiucci, et al)
  • HB2238 ballot drop boxes; prohibition (Hoffman: Barton, Blackman, et al)
  • HB2237 same-day voter registration; prohibition (Hoffman: Barton, Blackman, et al)
  • HB2170 election mailings; third-party disclosures (Kavanagh)

Arizonans are sick and tired of Republican extremism that sabotages future elections.

How do we stop them?

1. Enter your RTS actions before committees meet–that’s why Civic Engagement Beyond Voting (CEBV) recommends completing them ASAP.

2. Call your legislators. Don’t call once, call every week and mention specific bills you support or oppose. Get to know the administrative assistant, and briefly (politely) state your reasons.

3. Email your legislators. Be persuasive, and tell your personal story.

4. Testify. Civic Engagement Beyond Voting will help you craft your testimony, accompany you to the committee, and stay to give moral support. You can do it!

5. Join Save Our Schools Arizona for a Volunteer Summit on Feb 5–learn what you can do to make a difference!

6. Attend CEBV’s Virtual Happy Hour every Sunday at 4 pm to hear from Melinda Iyer, a key legislator, and get help with RTS & your testimony!



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