Presents Tucson City Council Member Nikki Lee


Our Featured Speaker will be Nikki Lee, who is running for re-election this year to her second term on the Tucson City Council. Councilwoman Nikki Lee represents Ward 4 on the Tucson City Council. Nikki is an Air Force Veteran, Executive and Leadership Coach, and Mother of three. Raised in a small town in rural ... Read more

Free Presents Tucson City Council Member Lane Santa Cruz


Lane Santa Cruz has represented the Westside, Southside, and Downtown of Tucson in Ward 1 since 2019. She is a second-generation Tucsonan, born and raised in the Southside. She will join us to speak about her first-term accomplishments and plans for their re-election and next term. Please Register in Advance for this Event: As ... Read more


Arizona Corporation Commissioner Anna Tovar and Democratic AZCC Candidates Sandra Kennedy and Lauren Kuby on March 27, 2023


We have a very special panel program for this session of Democrats of Greater Tucson. We are hosting a panel discussion centered around the Arizona Corporation Commission, often termed the 4th Branch of Arizona's Constitutional Order. Because of the panel format, we are extending the event time from our standard 1 hour to 1 and ... Read more

Free Presents LD18 Chair Larry Bodine on 4/10/23 at Noon


On Monday, April 10th, presents LD18 Chair and President Emeritus of Democrats of Greater Tucson Larry Bodine! Larry will talk about the great work and projects planned in LD18 for electing Democrats in the Tucson City Elections of '23 and helping to capture a majority in the state legislature in 2024. Please register in ... Read more Presents Tucson Mayor Regina Romero on April 17th at Noon


Tucson's Mayor, Regina Romero, will join for an hour of discussion about city affairs and her bid for re-election. Please Register in Advance for this Event: Mayor Regina Romero was elected in November of 2019, becoming the first woman and first Latina Mayor of Tucson. Raised by immigrant farmworkers in Somerton, Arizona, Regina ... Read more


Join Members and Guests for Drinking Democratically at Brother John’s April 19th at 4-6PM

brother johns 1801 North Stone Avenue, Tucson, AZ, United States

Join us at Drinking Democratically for camaraderie, discussion, food, drinks, and music with the Democrats of Greater Tucson. It’s a wonderful opportunity to talk with and enjoy the company of your fellow Democrats. Invite your friends! We have space reserved in the Bourbon Lounge inside, but given the lovely weather may also venture ouyt on ... Read more

Free Presents Andrew Becerra, A Democratic Candidate for US Senate on April 24 at Noon

Virtual presents a Democratic candidate for US Senate from Arizona, Andrew Becerra. Please Register in Advance for this Event: Andrew's biographical statement: I was born in May of 1981 to parents who gave me up in a closed adoption. I was in the system in Orange County California for 8 months, before two amazing people shared their ... Read more

Free Presents Arizona Luminaria Co-Founder and Principle Executive Irene McKisson on May 1st at Noon

Virtual's May 1st meeting will feature Guest Speaker Irene McKisson of the Arizona Luminaria to discuss the publication's founding and mission in the Tucson community. Please Register in Advance for this Event: Irene McKisson is the co-founder and Principal Executive of Arizona Luminaria, a nonprofit news organization dedicated to in-depth local news and community-centered journalism ... Read more