Public Forum on Election Security and Integrity

Catalina High School 3645 E Pima Street, Tucson, AZ

On Thursday, Oct. 20, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., the nonpartisan Arizona Democracy Resilience Network — in partnership with the Arizona Daily Star, the Citizens Clean Elections Commission, and Tucson Unified School District — is holding a public forum at the Catalina High School Auditorium, 3645 E. Pima St., Tucson. Voters can also view the forum on Zoom: The forum, entitled “Trusting Our Election System with the Accuracy and Security of Your Vote,” will provide information about the practices and requirements that are in place to ensure that our elections are trustworthy. Pima County Recorder, Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, Pima Elections Director, Constance Hargrove, and an election security expert from the Office of [...]

Middle East Expert on Divisive Politics and American Diplomacy

At a critical time for our nation and the world, the Tucson Great Decisions Association will present a Zoom program, “Divisive Politics and American Diplomacy.” It features one of our favorite speakers, former ambassador David Dunford, and audience participation is encouraged. The program will be on Friday, October 21st at 2 PM. Registration for the webinar may be made at The cost is $10 and it is open to all. Middle East expert David Dunford During the discussions about the Foreign Policy Agenda during the 2022 Great Decisions season, a common thread of challenges was dealing with [...]

Sanda Clark for LD19 House: I Lived in a Dictatorship, like the MAGAs Want

Sanda Clark of Green Valley, a Democrat who is running for Arizona House in rural LD19, spent her first 14 years under the dictatorship in Romania. She was told by the repressive government what to read, what classes to take and how to vote. The secret police arrested anybody who spoke out. Spies were everywhere — classmates, neighbors and even family members could be informers. Everyone was monitored, and no one had any privacy. Republicans plan an authoritarian regime, with cameras in the classrooms, ending Medicare and Social Security in five years, eliminating personal and reproductive rights, overthrowing past elections, [...]

Young Dem James Cerasia: The View of Young Voters

James Cerasia will describe how young voters view politics and will identify public issues that matter to them. A member of Generation Z, who were born between 1996 and 2012, he doesn't view politics as older Baby Boomers and Millennials see it. People in his generation are facing: • Failing public high schools • Barriers to buying a house or entering college • Landlords with inordinate power over tenant rights • Worsening climate change, water shortages and wildfires • Reactionary laws that prohibit personal and reproductive rights • Cutbacks in tuition-free trade and technical schools • Taxes that favor the wealthy [...]

Catherine Ripley: Higher Education Must Face a New Reality

Public education in Arizona has been crippled. The Republican state legislature took $1 billion away from K-12 public schools and used it to expand school vouchers to benefit religious schools and home-schooling. Arizona public schools are the worst in the nation in terms of per-pupil funding, teacher salaries and graduation rate. Republicans even enacted a new book ban to stop teachers from instructing about authors of color and LDGTQ topics. Catherine Ripley is the Chair of the Pima County Community College governing board. She is working to adapt to the fast-changing direction of higher education and investigating how community colleges [...]

March with Tanque Verde Democrats in Veterans Day Parade

Join the Tanque Verde Democrats to march in the Veterans Day Parade organized by Morgan McDermott, American Legion Post 7. This year's theme is Honor. "We are marching to thank our veterans for their service and sacrifice, to show our gratitude and support, and to honor them for their service," said Pat Wiedhopf, Chair of TV Dems. Park at the City/State Garage at 498 W Congress St. Then go to assembly area "J" at the corner of N Granada and W Paseo Redondo.

David Fitzsimmons, AZ Star Editorial Cartoonist

David Fitzsimmons is 67 and should know better. Cartoonist and Editorial Writer for The Arizona Daily Star, Fitz is syndicated to more than 700 news publications -- which is timely since there are only 700 newspapers left in the world at this time. A Pulitzer Finalist in 1988, his award-winning cartoons have drawn fire and praise since Geronimo was a paperboy way back in 1986. When he is not at his drawing board slinging ink or editorials, David is entertaining audiences by tossing out zingers, quick sketch cartoons and caricatures. Known as the “Fastest draw west of the Potomac,” Fitz [...]

Drinking Democratically Happy Hour

Brother John's Barbecue 1801 N Stone Ave., Tucson, AZ

Join us at Brother John’s Beer, Bourbon & BBQ’s Bourbon Lounge Wednesday, Nov 16, 4-6 pm for our Drinking Democratically Happy Hour. RSVP HERE. Join us for the camaraderie with the Democrats of Greater Tucson. It’s a wonderful opportunity to talk with and enjoy the company of fellow Democrats. Invite your friends! We have space reserved in the Bourbon Lounge inside and can also sit outside in the Beer Garden as the sunsets and temperatures drop. Brother John’s Beer, Bourbon & BBQ, 1801 N Stone Ave, Tucson 85705 is a great place to gather. Their Social Hour menu includes drinks [...]

Analyzing the Election with Pima County Supervisor Rex Scott


Pima County Supervisor Rex Scott, a Democrat, was elected to represent District One in 2020. The district, representing Marana, Casa Adobes, Oro Valley, and the Catalina Foothills, had reliably voted for Republicans in recent decades. In 1991, Supervisor Scott moved to Pima County to take a position teaching social studies at Flowing Wells Junior High School, one of three schools in District One that he served during his career as a public school educator. In 2000, Supervisor Scott began his 19-year career as an administrator working in both middle and high schools. During that time, he was an assistant principal [...]


Data Analyst Sam Almy Explains the 2022 Election

Our speaker Sam Almy, a Data Analyst with Uplift Campaign, will discuss how and why Arizona voters turned a widely misreported 'red wave' into a 'blue tide' that gave AZDems most of the statewide offices, including the US Senate. Sam will give insights into who turned out, who didn't, and who crossed the aisle and who didn't. Sam leads Uplift's data and ad ops departments. In 2008, Sam started political work in Tucson, working for the AZ Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign and reporting as the Voter File Manager for the Arizona Democratic Party. In 2010, he ran a paid canvass with [...]

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