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With more than 24 years of combined experience as a property tax agent, appraiser, real estate agent, and customer service specialist, Suzanne Droubie was elected Pima County Assessor in 2020.

She will discuss the Assessor office’s Senior Freeze Program as well as other programs including Historic Property Designation and exemptions for widows and those who are 100 percent disabled.

Owners of homes and businesses that suffer major damage from a fire or other disasters are also getting help with breaks on their property taxes, thanks to a new program adopted by the Pima County Assessor Suzanne Droubie.

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In January, the Assessor’s office launched a “rapid-response” program designed to help businesses and homeowners after a catastrophic fire, flood, or other unforeseen accident that has caused significant damage.

Droubie, a Democrat elected to her first term last November, said she learned about the impact of disasters on property values firsthand when she joined the Assessor’s Office as a senior appraiser in 2008 and was assigned to reevaluate values of properties destroyed and later rebuilt after the Aspen Fire swept through Mount Lemmon and Summerhaven in 2003.

So far, county staffers have contacted about three dozen fire-damaged properties since the program started, averaging about five properties a week.



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