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Democrat Kristen Randall is a Pima County Constable representing Precinct 8 in Arizona. Randall was re-elected in the general election on November 3, 2020.

Pima County leaders say landlords are still evicting people, even as the federal government says they’re not allowed. So far this year, roughly 13,000 county residents have been court-ordered to leave their houses, apartments, or trailers for failing to pay rent, with an average of 100 cases being processed daily at Pima County Justice Court.

Since many people don’t realize how quickly they can be evicted — it’s often just five days after the court hearing and then within 15 minutes of the constable’s arrival — they are shocked and unprepared when it occurs.

Randall is helping the tenants by hand-delivering the documents, called minute entries, so people have a little more time to decide what to do next. The constables also provide information about shelters and services as well as paperwork about a relatively new county grant that could help residents who qualify avoid an eviction.

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Some of the people Randall has evicted under court order in midtown’s busy Precinct 8 have special needs or are elderly or have children, all factors that are hard to manage in 15 minutes. Some don’t have transportation, she said, and so they are left standing on the sidewalk with a few bags, searching for a ride.

“I want to get things in place so if and when the eviction happens,” Randall says, “we’re not just going around and throwing people out.”

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