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Catalina has been a Democrat ever since the resignation of Richard Nixon. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and attended school at Eastern Michigan University. She and her husband moved to Tucson in 1999 and live way out at the edge of the world in Picture Rocks.

In Michigan, she ran for State Representative twice and lost twice. She was continually active in the ACLU, the state NOW, the First Unitarian-Universalist Church of Detroit, and all her kids’ Parent-Teacher organizations.

She was the longtime Secretary of LD 25 from 2003 to 2012 and then became the Secretary in her current Legislative District 11, followed by Second Vice-Chair, First Vice-Chair, and now Chair.

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“In this election cycle, I have two major areas of interest. To grow the membership and to closely follow the redistricting process,” she said.

“There are so many places we need to be to attract new members as soon as this pandemic allows. We need to convince Independents that we are the party for them. And we all can follow the Independent Redistricting Committee because they need to draw maps that are fair to our party,” she said.

In her spare time, Catalina likes to read, chase after her grandchildren, and watch TV.

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