Do you want to be a part of the movement to stop food waste? We can start in our own backyards! Help Iskashitaa Refugee Network harvest fresh, local produce for redistribution right back to our own community including the Interfaith Community Services (ICS) food bank, shelters, schools, and refugee families.

We are looking for individuals that can help us coordinate harvests within their neighborhoods where citrus may be going to waste. Talk to your neighbors and advertise through listservs, NextDoor App, What’s App groups, bulletins, or hand out flyers and arrange for Iskashitaa to come harvest multiple properties for a designated day in April or May.

By harvesting multiple properties at once, we can efficiently supply ICS and other organizations with fresh produce throughout the year. As a neighbor harvest liaison, you will play a pivotal role in feeding our community!

If you or your neighbors have citrus trees in need of harvesting, let us know through our Fruit Donor Form ( Iskashitaa Harvesters will bring all our own equipment (crates, pickers, clippers, gloves), each volunteer signs a liability waiver form, and we leave the place as we found it – if not better — as we try to compost fallen plant materials.

Extra precautions are being taken to protect volunteers and residents from COVID-19 exposure. All communication can be done online, volunteers wear masks at all times, and anyone feeling sick will be required to stay home. The pandemic has increased the community’s need for fresh, local produce, so your donations are more important than ever. It takes a village to feed a village and to stop colossal food waste!

If you are interested in becoming a neighbor harvest liaison, please email us at or call the Iskashitaa office at 520-440-0100.

If you are interested in donating your fruit, please fill out the Fruit Donor Form at Call the office number above if you have any questions.