Donate to Food Bank and Get a Tax Credit

As COVID-19 affects our community, helping our neighbors is more important than ever. The critical need for emergency food will only increase as our communities and economy are impacted by this virus.

As schools and workplaces close, the doors of the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona are staying open. But now the organization needs your help to make sure they’re always ready to respond to this changing situation.

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CFB has 8 locations providing services across the 5 counties of southern Arizona. In partnership with over 300 local agencies, volunteers distribute 65,000 meals daily and serve 190,000 people every year.

CFB has become a national leader in the food security movement. Through nutrition education, civic engagement, food business development, and public policy advocacy, we are responding to the root causes of hunger and poverty and leading the way to a healthy, hunger-free community.

There’s never been a better time to give. Donate by April 15 and you may qualify for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. This year, those filing as single can receive a credit up to $400 and those filing jointly can receive a credit up to $800 when claiming the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit on your return.

Please consult your tax advisor for specific information and tax advice. Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona’s QCO Code is 20488.

CFB does a lot to help people with their access to food— whether that’s through meals for school kids or produce for families. Donors can help them do that. The food bank has both long and short term volunteer opportunities. Long-term volunteers can help people check in for their food box or work at a farmers market or in administration positions

The Community Food Bank mourns the loss of Punch Woods, former executive director and visionary who was dedicated and passionate in his fight to end hunger. Charles T. “Punch” Woods led the Community Food Bank for 25 years, retiring in 2003. He oversaw significant growth of the Community Food Bank and had the foresight to spearhead the move to the Food Bank’s current warehouse at 3003 S. Country Club.

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