In the latest episode of Larry Bodine Live, a project of LD9 Democrats, Precinct Committee Woman Maria Hidalgo talks about the joys of finding new Democratic volunteers. She now campaigns for the Democratic Mission for Arizona calling voters, and she has made many heart-warming experiences.

“This is bigger than just me,” she says. “I want to know I did everything I could.” She once called a woman in her 90s, who started working in the 1960s as a poll worker. “She’s what I call I dyed in the wool Democrat,” Maria says. “Because she had been involved in what I’m doing now and I stand on your shoulders.”

This video originally appeared on the LD9 Democrats website.

Years earlier in Merced, California, where many Latinos lived, Maria led the effort to elect a school teacher to be the first Chicano member of the School Board. “The turnout was phenomenal. I learned that all politics is local when you get people to represent you and your values.”

Maria loves the chemistry and synergy that occurs when many people are working together to accomplish something. “We learn from each other,” Maria says. “It makes you up your game.”