Brian discusses:

  • Why he is running for Board Supervisor.
  • Current challenges facing the county.
  • Covid-19 impact on Pima County.
  • Public education funding and operation.
  • Infrastructure and road maintenance.
  • Economic growth and development.

Brian says: I can tell you all about me, and that I love living in Pima County for several years now. I’m a Dad and proud Foster Parent and have had numerous experiences and work titles. I’m blessed with the best title of all, Dad!

However, I would rather talk to you and hear your thoughts and ideas. What excites you today about living in Pima County and what future would you like to see in your district? As your elected Board Supervisor for District 1, I would like to be your voice.

Leadership, integrity, and vision

I am professional and passionate about bringing out the best in people and making our voices heard together as we move forward! With 35 years of work experience in my tool belt, I have the tools, knowledge, skills, and leadership abilities to get the job done! Having worked in various positions and ranks within manufacturing, customer service, state civil service, export/import markets, polymer industry, wire and cable industry, steel manufacturing industry, and corrections law enforcement field, I have a vast skill set of knowledge to deal with and positively impact decision making as your next Pima Board Supervisor.